Discounted Waring WHM100W for Sale

The WHM100 Waring Professional 10 Speed Hand Mixer is can bring you perfect mixing. This hand mixer is designed for maximum comfort. The WHM100 10 Speed Mixer is powerful! This hand mixer makes every mixing task simple. With a built in mixing timer, to track mixing times, the WHM100 will give you excellent mixing results each time. Equipped with a smooth, sealed base, this ten Speed Hand Mixer is wiped clean instantly for easy cleaning. It can mix up the thickest dough as well as the smoothest soufflés! The style is sleek and it is so easy to handle.

Waring WHM100W deals

For over 60 years, Waring has been manufacturing high quality commercial kitchen appliances. Today, Waring Pro is ready to bring commercial quality to your home kitchen. The WHM100 Waring Professional 10 Speed Hand Mixer comes with a 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. The mixer has 250-watt motor, a Blue backlit LCD display and includes two large beaters which are made of brilliant stainless steel. Compared to the Cuisinart Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand mixer, which has7 Speed 220 watts, The Waring Professional 10 is a much better utensil.

The Waring WHM100W recommended price is anywhere from $24.00 to $99.00. How much does a Waring WHM 100 cost? It can cost as much as $80.00 or as little as $19.00. Waring WHM100W deals can be found on, and The discounted Waring WHM100W is offered on How much a Waring WHM100W cost? Well, the price is worth the product!

Discounted Waring WHM100W

Both The Waring and the hand mixer by Cuisinart have been compared in their use for mixing tasks. The feedback on the Cuisinart hand mixer is that make sure you don’t bog down the motor. Cuisinart introduced this hand mixer to fit users who use specific speeds to create dishes with that perfect texture, like a génoise or a soufflé. You can change the hand mixer speeds by simply pressing a button on the LCD display. The Waring WHM100W is a cut above!

The overwhelming consumer response to the Waring is awesome. It is a wonderfully designed, fabulously functional, creatively crafted hand mixer that is a definite asset to the everyday cook as well as the masterful chef!

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