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Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer Review

Kitchenaid Artisan Stand MixerKitchen appliances have gone from simple wood burning stoves, wood bowls and spoons, to massive, restaurant quality ranges and stand mixers. The best cooks from the past would be lost in today’s kitchens. Kitchenaid is the manufacturer of the most popular accessories on the market, and their new product, the Kitchenaid Artisan stand mixer, is the latest in top of the line machinery.

About Kitchenaid

Kitchenaid has been in business since 1919 and over this time they have produced some amazing products like you can read about at the best hand blender reviews. They started with the very first stand mixer created for home use, and have continued to build on their success by creating an entire line of user-friendly appliances. In 1946 they created the first home dishwasher that used pressurized water to clean dishes, and in 1955 they began to introduce colors to the home appliance. Today they offer appliances that are interactive, and have some of the newest technology available. Despite their success their most popular product by far is still their stand mixer.

Stand Mixers vs. Hand Mixers

Hand and stand mixers serve the same purpose; adding power to the mixing process, therefore cutting down on time and effort expended. A hand mixer has its place in the kitchen, but at the end of the day it is just a mixer. Stand mixers, on the other hand, are mixers, creamers, kneaders, meat grinders, pasta and ice-cream makers, and more. They typically have larger capacities, more power settings, and can be left on while the user does something else.

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Standard Features

Kitchenaid’s KSM150PS Artisan mixer comes with the following standard features:

  • Stainless steel, five quart bowl, and a ten-speed, 325 Watt mixer
  • Two-piece shield with large opening to prevent splattering and provide the ability to add ingredients
  • Tilt-able head for easy access
  • Bowl height adjustment screw so the mixer is sure to reach the bottom of the bowl
  • Packaged with a beater, wire whisk/whip and dough hook
  • Kitchenaid Optional Accessories

Along with the three attachments that are included in the standard packaging, Kitchenaid offers a wide range of optional accessories. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Cheese and vegetable graters
  • Meat grinder
  • Sausage stuffer
  • Pasta roller
  • Ice cream maker
  • Extruder
  • Citrus juicer
Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer Review

User reviews for Kitchenaid’s newest mixer are almost exclusively positive. The mixer is designed to be functional, beautiful, and capable of holding up to a great deal of use. The two most common problems were an aversion to the mixer’s weight, and the price. It seems that its weight goes hand-in-hand with its ability to stand up to use and abuse, and is therefore not much of a problem. The price of this mixer, though, can be an obstacle. The price reflects the quality of the mixer, though, and should be viewed as an investment as these machines often last more than a decade.

The Kitchenaid Artisan stand mixer is the latest in a long, long line of high-quality products. With its large capacity, standard features, optional attachments, and few complaints, it is probably the best product for the price.